New York Times: Movies/Critics’ Picks

I accidentally encountered this site while I was wandering around on the NYT website one day. The host is A.O. Scott, one of the most famous/infamous film critic in town. He selects a variety of films from different genres and from all over the world. Then he talks about these films not in a critical point of view but rather from a more introductory sense, which I think successfully arouses people’s interests in watching them. At least he made me watched a lot of movies that I have never heard of or would never have watched them if it weren’t for him. Each clip is only around three to four minutes yet it precisely captures the heart and soul of each movie without revealing too much plot or characters. I think it is a nice way to explore some not-so-well-known-movies and to grasp some insights of some not-so-easily-understood-movies.

The link below is where the site is and I have randomly chosen Donnie Darko as the first clip:


I think I’ve watched two third of the entire playlist and most of these clips are really well made. I personally recommend watching these following clips: Donnie Darko, In a Perfect World, Tootsie,  American Psycho, In the Name of the Father, The Seventh Seal, Singin’ in the Rain, Chinatown, Duck Soup, The Big Lebowski, To Live, Dog Day Afternoon, Annie Hall, A Shot in the Dark, etc.. They are all really well made clips and great movies. I only hope he includes more foreign language films in the future.

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